We deal with these type of??unusual? circumstances every day and in most cases we come up with a solution that is just right for our clients.

Everyone?s circumstances are different, it is true to say no two mortgage proposal are exactly the same.
We are often called upon when circumstances are unusual?

For example?

  • A minimal deposit
  • NOT been working for long
  • SELF-employed,
  • You want to share ownership,
  • You have irregular earnings,
  • You want to buy a second property ,
  • You want to re-mortgage your property,
  • You current mortgage is costing to much,
  • You are a first time buyer,
  • You are divorcing,
  • You are looking to buy an unusual property,
  • You are a developer,
  • You are to busy?But need to source financing for property purchase.
  • You want to buy commercial property

The list above is not exhaustive and we have a wealth of experience of dealing with almost all types of circumstances. What we will say is that, if anyone can help you …we can!